Friday, August 1, 2014

Staying connected at the canter #2 Training level horse. Trudy and Ani ...

"What if.... like many riders, your horse's canter is not as connected or controllable as you would like it to be? Watch what we do with Trudy and Ani with the Diamond pattern"

This was a "break through" session for this pair. Ani is a training level horse and we have been letting her do what ever she wants in the canter as long as she picked up the correct lead and went in the direction that Trudy asked her to go. The time has come where Ani is ready to be more connected at the canter. We would like her to starting using her back and slowing down into a more balanced canter. In Part #1 you saw how we started finding that connection with the Diamond pattern. Now, in the final canter, you will see Ani begin to change the way she is carrying herself.

Can you see the difference in how Ani is now cantering? What do you see?