Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to the basics. Stretching at the trot. Week 4. Warm up Darrien and...

"Stretching in the warm up trot. Going back to the basics. Check it out!  Darrien is finally starting to stretch!"

Those who have been watching this series have seen big changes in Susan's new horse, Darrien.  This is week 4 and Darrien has finally started to relax and let Susan ride him into more of a real stretch. Darrien was not able to do this even a few weeks ago. Now, he is finally starting to let go and use his body different.  You can see that even with a snaffle bit (he shows upper level dressage in a double bridle) that he now has a soft rainbow in his neck, his back is up, and he has lost a lot of the frantic responses that he used to have.   We are thrilled with the changes as we were not sure how long it would take to get him past the issues he came with. Stay tuned for week 5 and this week I will film week 6.  The end of this month we are going to return to the show ring with both of her horses.  Can you see how much Darrien has changed?

Have you tried stretching on your horse yet?