Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Trot. Adding the stretch and activity. Week 4. 2nd level dressage.

"You have probably heard other horse people talking about a horse stretching.  How can you use the stretch to improve the quality of your horses movement and balance?"

This is Susan on Beau. In this session we are still riding him with a long, following rein. Our goal is to teach Beau to step up into that longer contact by becoming more active with his back feet. You will see the suspension (air time) of his trot change as we add what I call "mini stretches" This is from week 4 of going back to the basics. We are very excited with the changes that have been happening with Beau. 

Have you tried "mini" stretches on your horse yet? Are you able to keep them active behind with their shoulders up as they do it?