Monday, August 18, 2014

Susan and Beau. Canter. Stretch and adding the leap.Week 4. Going back t...

"What can you do to improve your horses balance at the canter and counter canter?  Watch what happens as we add the leap to  Beau's canters on week 4 of going back to the basics"

Beau has continued to improve these past weeks as we took him back to the basics.  Now, he is giving us more a stretch in his neck and is stepping under much more from behind. In this session we focus on creating a longer stride and adding the leap to it. As a result, Beau is moving forward more freely. At the end of this session we also add the counter canter.  To get that more connected we ask Beau to "collect" or "round up" so that he shifts back more. 

 Are you ready to try this on your horse?  Let us know what is happening in your training process.