Thursday, August 7, 2014

Susan and Darrien. Going back to the basics.Walk. The stretch.

"Did you know that the walk is often the hardest gait for riders to get "right?"  We have taken Darrien back to the basics of the walk in this session. Watch what we do to improve the quality of his walks"

This was a very important session as you will see what we are doing to bring him to the next level.  Darrien's  walks have been getting good scores, but... we knew something was not right. He was doing something strange with his front legs.Susan could feel he was taking shorter steps and landing heavy on the front. In fact, he was doing this at some level at all of his gaits. He has still be winning in dressage, but we have decided to take time of from competing so we can focus on what was happening.   All we want is for Darrien to relax and to let go of his anxiety when he is asked to collect or do some of the more advanced movements. To do this, Susan has been riding him with a light, following rein. She is using more of her seat and legs. (she has taken off his usual double bridle and her spurs)  The good news is that we have been able to change the way Darrien has been using his front end!  You can see it happening in this video.  Finally, he starts using his back as he steps up from behind and stretches into that longer rein.   We are thrilled with the changes.  Wait until you see the changes that have happened in week 4.  

Can you see the changes that are happening with Darrien?  How is this changing what you are doing with your horse?