Saturday, August 23, 2014

Trot. Renvers (haunches in). Getting more stretch. Back to the basics. W...

"Would you like to have a schooling exercise that you could  use that could connect you more with your horse?  There is!  Have you tried to do a haunches in or out with your horse? Watch this video and see how much Beau's trot changes with the haunches in"

This is week 4 of taking Beau "back to the basics". We are focused on the haunches in (renvers)  Susan is riding him with a long, following rein and is asking him to step up into that connection. Beau has never really been excited about lateral work and is now becoming more comfortable with it.  In the beginning of this session you will see that he take short steps and loses his connection.  As the ride continues, he starts taking longer steps.  Watch how much his trot improves!  

Are you using the haunches in yet on your horse?  What do you find is happening?