Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Canter. Back to the basics. Week 3. Look at the changes! Darrian and...

"Check out the changed in Darrien's canter in week 3 of "Going Back to the Basics" Now you can watch what happens when we take this older horse back to the basics and he discovers a new way to canter" 

Would you like your horse to canter more relaxed and in a better balance? Maybe it is time for you to take it back to the basics. This has been an exciting month for us as we take the riders you have been watching in this Horse and Rider Awareness video series back to the basics. In this video you will see how much Darrien's canter is changing. This is week 3. In this session you will notice that Darrien (he is an older horse that shows in upper level dressage) is much more relaxed in his body and reactions. Now, he is finally using his back, stretching his neck (Susan is riding in a long following rein) and stepping under with his hind feet. Wait until you see what happens in week 4!

How is your horses canter? Would you like to improve it? Watch this series (you can find all the sessions and the horses we have been taking back to the basics right here) and do what we have done to finally make that change.