Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Back to the basics.The Trot. Week 3 Susan and Darrien

"Are you ready to see how Darrien has continued to progress as we take him back to the basics of contact and connection? This is what happened in week 3"

We have taken time off from the show season to bring Darrien back to the basics, Susan has removed her spurs and is riding Darrien in a snaffle bit. (He competes in upper level dressage with a double bridle) This week we continue with a following rein. All we are asking Darrien to do is relax to the contact and naturally go into self carriage and balance. Those who have been watching this pairs progress can see that Darrien has made some big changes. The week this was filmed he started to lift his back up and step under more with his hind feet. (this is on a long rein!) He still has some issues with the contact but now he has started bringing his head down as he lengthens his neck (we are not asking him to do that) and to step into the following contact that Susan has. We are thrilled with the changes! I will share more of what happen from this lesson this week, I filmed week 4 this week. Wait until you see the changes that are happening!
Can you see the difference in Darrien? Are you ready to take your horse back to the basics?