Thursday, August 7, 2014

Starting a new horse with the Diamond at the walk. Trudy and Melody

"The Diamond pattern. Now you can connect your horse at levels you may not have thought were possible.  Watch what happens as we start a new horse on the pattern at the walk"

In this session Trudy introduces Melody to the Diamond pattern.  Those who have been following Melody's progress over the years might remember what a mess she was for so long. She had a lot of issues but is now much more responsive and willing.  Now you can see how we use the Diamond pattern to connect with her even more.  You can see that now, she is learning how to use her haunches and keep her back up as she works through the process.  Trudy is riding with a following rein, and using her seat and legs to do what she is doing.  With the Diamond pattern the horse comes into the corner (a V shape) with their haunches leading first, than at the point of the V, bring the horses shoulders over. Stay tuned for the next segment where we continue the Diamond pattern at the trot. This was a break through session for Melody.

Can you see Melody as she starts connecting at a new level?