Monday, August 18, 2014

Riding Position. How do I keep my lower leg in the right place for the w...

"Do you put most of your weight in your toes or the front of your foot while you are riding? You are not alone!  Most rider do this"

This was when I first started focusing on Trudy's leg position.  Ani was now steadier so we could do this.  As you will see, Trudy had the tendency to stand, or put the weight of her riding position on her toes while riding at that time.  As part of this process I ask Trudy to put her heels in the irons backwards (this is NOT for beginners)  At first Trudy feels like she is using the back of her calf to do this, but that was really when Trudy was feeling her calf stretch. 

What do you see changing in Trudy's riding position?  Do you also see how Ani becomes steadier as Trudy becomes more aware of how to use her lower leg differently?