Thursday, August 21, 2014

Walk. Adding the stretch. Week 4 of Back to the Basics. Dressage tips

"The walks.  Adding the stretch. What if... you could finally connect your horse at the walk?  Are you ready to try this exercise?"

This is Susan and Darrien.  In this session we are focused on improving the quality of the walks. To do this, we are riding Darrien on a long following rein. When Darrien leans on a rein, Susan asks him to step up more from behind, than gives him a mini stretch.  This is week 4 of "Going back to the Basics and we are very excited as Darrien has finally started to use his back and is much more relaxed and willing. 

Does your horse stretch as you are riding the walk?  Can you do it while asking it to shorten or lengthen it's steps?