Thursday, August 14, 2014

The trot. Big changes in Melody. Finally, she is using her back. Haunc...

"Are you ready to finally.... get your horse in the right balance?  Sometimes this takes time if the horse has issues. It has taken us 3 years with this horse as she had some pretty big psychological and physical issues"

Those of you who have been following the progress of Trudy and Melody have seen the changes. It has been a long journey but has inspired so many people who are not sure that they can make a difference with their horses who have issues.  Now you can see how Melody has changed this past week at the trot. Melody is now letting us move her haunches and shoulders and as a result is now more relaxed, better balanced and (gasp) is using her back!   We are so excited with this breakthrough!

Have you ever had a horse that you were not sure you could ever be comfortable to ride or easy to influence?