Thursday, August 28, 2014

Canter. Is your horse behind the vertical? "Back to the Basics" Week 5 ...

"What can you do if your horse seems to always be bringing it's nose behind the vertical at the canter?  It's time to try something new!"

This is Susan and Beau. In this session we focus on the canter and keeping his poll higher so that his nose is in front of the vertical. We are in week 5 of "Going back to the Basics" Beau has always had the tendency to curl his neck and go behind the vertical, it is something we always seem to have to work on at some level. Now you can watch how we re balance him by activating his hind feet and adding different patterns and changes of gait in the canter. You will see that as a result, his poll comes up, his throat latch opens and he lifts his back. This series continue for another 2 weeks and the changes that happen with Beau are amazing!

Does your horse go behind the vertical at the canter? Did you get any new ideas of how to help your horse to bring in forward after watching this video?