Thursday, August 7, 2014

Susan and Beau. Walk. Adding the stretch and engagement (activity)

"What if... you could finally get the walk you need to compete in dressage, or to simply get your horse to walk with better balance so it connects to you at another level?"

This is Susan and Beau.  In this session we work on the walks that they need for competing in 2nd level.  Beau is not thrilled.  He would prefer to do a lazier walk where he does not need to "track up" (his hind feet stepping in or in front of the hoof prints of his front feet).  To do this, we need to get him to step up more, with more active steps from behind as he lifts his back and stretches into the rein.  In the past we have not asked Beau to connect as much as we are now. To show him how to balance between Susan's legs and reins (from front to back) is a challenge. Susan is using a following rein, so that Beau will stretch more into the rein, and riding him more with her seat and legs.   Now you can watch what we do and see the results. 

Can you connect your horse at the walk?  What did you see changing as Beau went through this process?