Saturday, August 16, 2014

"Going back to the basics. Canter. Week 4. Warm up. Adding the stretch"...

"When was the last time you took the time to bring your horse back to the basics of the canter? This is week 4 of Susan and Darrien and we are thrilled with the changes!"

This is Susan and her new horse Darrien. Darrien had a few issues when he first got here... We have taken our time (the entire process has been filmed) and after a successful start to the show season have taken time off from competing to focus on the basics. This week we had some big changes. Darrien is finally starting to step under more from behind, lift his back (!!!!!) and stretching into a long rein. He has also stopped holding his breath and is much more relaxed. Those who remember Darrien in the past know that he would sometimes get a little frantic. When that happened, he would "root" (pull Susan out of the saddle with the reins), rear and run.
What did you learn from this video that you can use to improve your horses canter?