Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Walks. Low poll? Time to add activity from the hind feet. "Back to the ...

"Do you find your horse tends to drop it's poll below it's neck when you are riding? You are not alone! Watch what we do with Beau to bring his poll up"

This is Susan on Beau. This is week 5 of "Back to the Basics" Beau is a Friesian/Swedish warmblood cross. He has a big neck and it is very easy for him to drop his poll below it. In this session we focus on keeping his poll up at the walk. We also add the halt, backing and turn on the haunches. To keep his poll up in the movements, Susan asks Beau to step up more from behind. As a result he picks up his back and lifts his poll. Susan can feel him lift his shoulders as he does this. This is common issue with dressage horses as they move up the levels. Susan and Beau are competing in 2nd level 3 and need to have a different balance than in the lower levels. Now you can see what we do to keep his poll up, and as a result, a better balance.

Do you have a horse that drops it's poll below it's neck? Did you learn anything new you can try after watching this video?