Friday, August 15, 2014

Renvers and Shoulder in. Adding the activity and longer strides at the t...

"Improving the quality of the shoulder in and renvers.  Adding the activity and keeping the rhythm.  Check out the changes in Beau!"

This is Susan and Beau.  Now that they are competing in dressage at 2nd level 3, Beau needs to be able to do a shoulder in into a renvers (haunches out)  in a better balance. In the past, his tendency (like most horses learning these movements) to take short steps and lose the rhythm going between the two movement.  In this session we add the activity and engagement to the movements. Check out the changes!  He is now looking like he should. 

Have you tried riding these movements with your horse yet?  What did you learn from watching what we are doing with Beau?