Monday, August 4, 2014

Connecting more at the Trot by adding lateral movements. Renvers, should...

"What if... you could finally feel like your horse is connected to you and in balance at the trot? Now you can see Ani change as Trudy asks her to ride a pattern"

With this pattern Trudy rides Ani down the center line in a shoulder in. When she comes to the corner, she asks Ani to bring her haunches in. This is another great pattern for connecting a horse and rider in a better balance. Those of you who have been watching this pair will see that Ani is changing a lot. She looks like a different horse.We were very excited to see what happened as Ani has now gone to another level in her training. Her back is up and she is "swinging" from her hips and shoulders.

Have you tried riding any of the patterns we have been sharing yet? What have you been experiencing as you are practicing them?