Thursday, August 7, 2014

Turn on the haunches. Adding the activity for better balance. Susan and...

"Have you added the turn on the haunches to your training program yet? It is a great way to connect more with your horse and improve their balance"

This is Susan on Beau. In this session we focus on improving the quality of their turn on the haunches. As you will see, Beau is not thrilled about this change as he has to balance differently than he has in the past. Now, since he is competing in 2nd level dressage, he needs to step under more as he lifts his back and lightens his forehand. The trick is to keep him stepping evenly with his feet as he does this. At first he is resistant (Beau does not like change) but by the end of this video you will see that he is carrying himself much better and is more willing.
Have you tried riding a haunches in with your horse yet? Can you see where it can make a difference in your connection and your horses balance?