Monday, December 14, 2015

Stretching over the back and into the rein connection at the canter #3 ...

"Would you like to improve your horses canter?  Now you can watch what happens as Trudy asks Ani to keep her back up as she willingly begins to stretch into the rein connection for the first time in the canter"

This was a break through session.  Finally, (it seems to take forever to get a horse to be soft in the canter...)  Trudy is able to keep Ani connected at the canter with her back up and stretching into the rein connection. Keeping a horse connected in the canter is a challenge with many riders and now you can see e the beginning stages of a horse using its back as it stays connected at the canter.

Is your horse able to stretch in the canter like this?  Try this technique and let us know how it works for you.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Stretching over the back at the trot. Keeping the connection

"If you are riding in contact or connection you will want to watch this series to see how you can teach your horse how to stretch over it's back... at the trot"

Many riders are not sure what is meant by "getting a horse to stretch into the connection of the rein." It is one of those confusing terms that don't make sense until you see it done with a horse that is lifting it's back as the rider feels them taking an active connection with the rein connection. This is when the reins feel "alive" and is the result of the horse coming through from behind. Now you can watch what Trudy is doing with Ani in this break through series. It is the beginning of a new level of connection for both of them.

What did you learn from watching this video? Are you ready to try this on your horse? 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Stretching over the back and into the connection of the reins. #1 S4 D...

"A stretching we will go... a stretching we will go...  What is meant by "getting your horse to stretch over their back"  and how can you do it while they stay connected with an active rein?"

Have you always wondered what a stretch is supposed to be?  Now you can watch as Trudy asks Ani to stay connected as she stretches over her back and into the "alive" rein connection.  This is the goal of many riders, especially those who ride dressage, and can take years to achieve as both the rider and the horse have to "let go" while they do it.  Ani, like many horses, had a few issues and was not able to do this stretch, at this level, until these past few weeks.  Trudy also found that she had to "let go" in her riding position to do this.  It was a break through for both of them.  This is part #1 of 3 (walk, trot and canter)

Are your reins "alive" when you are riding your horse?  Can you see how you can use that feeling to keep your horses back up and more connected with you?

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"It's really not a headset. It's a mind set. The mystery of how to get your horses head in the right place"

"It's really not a headset. It's a mind set. The mystery of how to get your horses head in the right place"

Why do we position our horses heads a certain way (or at least try to...) We do this so we can support our horse so that it can stay more "connected" as we balance it between our leg aids and the rein connection"

How a horse understands this process still amazes me. Now that Ani is further along in her training Trudy has found that she likes the feeling of Ani staying more connected with her. On this day Trudy asked me to isolate what she is doing with Ani so that she can keep her more connected with her back up and a "rainbow" in her neck. 

Can you see how Trudy is keeping Ani more connected by working on the Steps to Connection? Have you tried this on your horse? We love hearing your feedback so please let us know how this works for you.