Saturday, December 12, 2015

Stretching over the back and into the connection of the reins. #1 S4 D...

"A stretching we will go... a stretching we will go...  What is meant by "getting your horse to stretch over their back"  and how can you do it while they stay connected with an active rein?"

Have you always wondered what a stretch is supposed to be?  Now you can watch as Trudy asks Ani to stay connected as she stretches over her back and into the "alive" rein connection.  This is the goal of many riders, especially those who ride dressage, and can take years to achieve as both the rider and the horse have to "let go" while they do it.  Ani, like many horses, had a few issues and was not able to do this stretch, at this level, until these past few weeks.  Trudy also found that she had to "let go" in her riding position to do this.  It was a break through for both of them.  This is part #1 of 3 (walk, trot and canter)

Are your reins "alive" when you are riding your horse?  Can you see how you can use that feeling to keep your horses back up and more connected with you?