Sunday, December 13, 2015

Stretching over the back at the trot. Keeping the connection

"If you are riding in contact or connection you will want to watch this series to see how you can teach your horse how to stretch over it's back... at the trot"

Many riders are not sure what is meant by "getting a horse to stretch into the connection of the rein." It is one of those confusing terms that don't make sense until you see it done with a horse that is lifting it's back as the rider feels them taking an active connection with the rein connection. This is when the reins feel "alive" and is the result of the horse coming through from behind. Now you can watch what Trudy is doing with Ani in this break through series. It is the beginning of a new level of connection for both of them.

What did you learn from watching this video? Are you ready to try this on your horse?