Friday, August 29, 2014

"Adding activity to the Leg Yield with different patterns. Week 5 "Back ...

"Leg Yields.  How to make them better by adding lots of new patterns and movements. Have you tried riding your horse in leg yields yet?"

Beau has never been thrilled with leg yielding. This is week 5 of "Going back to the Basics" and our goal is to keep his nose in front of the vertical with a following rein, as Susan asks him to get more active with his hind feet. Now you can watch as we do leg yields from walk/trots to curves and so much more. We do all of these patterns so that the leg yield become less of an issue for him. You will notice that we change the routine a lot. There is a lot of movement in the filming as I dodge Beau... however, I thought this was so valuable for everyone to see that I decided to share it anyway.

Can you see the quality of Beau's leg yields changing as we keep doing different patterns?