Thursday, July 31, 2014

Improving the canter with the Diamond pattern. Watch what happens! Part ...

"What if... you could finally feel that you were connected with your horse's canter?  Try the Diamond pattern.  It will not be easy when you first start it,and than....  you will realize you have control over what the front end and back end of the horse is doing in ways that may have seemed impossible before.  You can do this!"

In this session we move into the canter.  This is the most challenging gait for most riders as they may not have realized what they can do to balance their horses better, both mentally and physically"

At first, Trudy finds that riding the Diamond at the canter is very challenging.  But... she continues to work on the process as she has felt what happens in the walk and trot as she focuses on what Ani is doing with her body.  This is part #1 of the canter work.  We have never really asked Ani to stay connected at the canter before this as she was still in "training level" mode.  Now, you can see what happens as Trudy starts to ask Ani to position her body in different ways so that Trudy can slow down the canter and make it more connected.  As you will see, this exercise is not so easy, but is a break through session for both Trudy and Ani.  :)

What did you see happening?  Were you able to see that Trudy and Ani connected at another level?