Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Going back to the basics. Dealing with the issues. Trot. Part 3 of 4. Ha...

"Does your horse tense up by raising it's head when you ask it to step up into the rein contact?  Watch what we are do to release those issues as we go back to the basics with Darrien"

In this series you are going to see how we are bringing Susan's new horse, Darrien back to the basics so that he can release some of the issues that he came with. You will see that Darrien's idea of contract is to brace his neck and jam it into his withers. As a result, his legs will do all kinds of weird things. Our goal is to help him to relax to the contact by releasing his neck and letting go of the resistances he has.  To do this, Susan is following his head movement by keeping an even feel on both reins where ever his head might be. (Straight line from the bit to the riders elbows)  At the same time, she is asking Darrien to step up from her seat and legs into a soft, following  contact. As some of you know, I debated showing this series as Darrien looks so tense and disconnected.  However, these are the same issues that  many riders have to work though with their horses and the feedback you have shared with me is what convinced me to share this part of their training process with you.. Towards the end of this session (part 3 of 4 from one training session) you will see that Darrien finally starts letting go of the tensions.  His neck starts to get longer and looser and his movement changes.  

What does your horse do when you ask it to take up the contact?  Did you discover more ways to deal with any of the issues that might be happening with this series?