Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Going back to the basics. Getting more engagement. Warmup Trot. Diamond

"What do you do when you are warming your horse up?  We love using patterns, even in the warm ups as they connect the horses so much faster.   In this session you will see how we are using the Diamond pattern to warm up Beau at the trot"

In this session Susan warms Beau up with the Diamond pattern. Now that Beau is competing in 2nd level it is important that he learns to shift his weight back and the Diamond pattern is perfect for that and for connecting him sooner. We start this warm up with a nice easy trot. It is enough for Beau to bring his haunches over first, followed by his shoulders. At first he is not thrilled about this, but by the time we finish the warm up trot he is allowing Susan to move both his front and back ends.

Can you see how using the Diamond pattern for the warm up can connect a horse faster? Have you tried it yet?