Monday, July 21, 2014

Back to the basics. Canter. Week 2 Part 1 Half halt, half pass, pirouettes

"What can you do to improve your horse's canter?  Watch what happens as we take Darrien back to the basics of the canter"

This is week 2 of going back to the basics of contact and connection with Darrien.  As part of going back to the basics, Susan has switched bits. Instead of the double bridle, Darrien is now in a snaffle.  Susan has also removed her spurs (they are required in the level she is competing in with him)   In this session we are focused on their canter.   Susan is riding Darrien with a following rein and asking him to step up into it from her seat and legs.  In this session we begin by focusing on the half halts.  This is part 1 of 2 for the canters.  This week, Darrien is more relaxed in the canter and is beginning to use his back. His neck is longer and he is naturally bringing his nose down.   These are big changes from last week when he was jamming his neck back into his shoulders and hollowing his back.  He still has some moments where he gets a little frantic as he does is not sure what is happening, but they do not last as long.   Stay tuned for week 3 to see how much more Darrien changes.   

Can you see the changes in Darriens canter from last week?