Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dressage. Refining the Shoulder in and Renvers/Travers

"Can you control the front end of your horse, or the back end?  The magic of the shoulder in and renvers/travers"

Horse people have been using the "shoulder in" and "renvers/travers" for centuries.  These are great exercises that improve a horses balance and the connection a rider has with their horse. What is the difference between them?  Basically, in the shoulder in the rider brings the outside shoulder in until the horse crosses it's inside front over the outside front they keep the horses back end straight.  The renvers/travers, are really the same is movement if ridden on the center or quarter line. When ridden in the dressage tests,  the renvers is tail to the wall,  while in the travers the horses tail is to the inside.  In that movement,  the horses front feet move straight ahead and they cross the outside hind foot in front of the inside.  Both movements require that the horse is "bent" around the riders inside leg. They are easy to see from behind. Watch this video to see how.

Have you explored the possibilities of the shoulder in or renvers/travers with your horse?  Are you ready to try them now?