Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Going back to the basics. Walk. Adding the activity in the renvers, shou...

"Have you tried using patterns to improve your horses connection with you? Watch as we go back to the basics of the walk using this one"

Have you noticed that we do a lot of different patterns and movements in our training process? We use them to keep the horses interested in what we are doing. They do not get bored, and in fact, enjoy the challenge. In this session we are going back to the basics of the walk. We want Beau to stay more connected for 2nd level. To do this we ask him to get more active with his hind feet so that he starts to shift his weight back while staying on contact. Susan has removed her spurs and is riding with a following rein while focusing on using more seat and legs.

Are you using patterns when you are riding your horse?