Saturday, July 19, 2014

Going back to the basics of Contact/ Connection. Week 2. Walk,pirouette...

"Is your horse pulling or leaning on the reins? Maybe it is time for you to to go back to the basics of contact and connection. Now you can watch the changes that happen as we bring Darrien back to the basics."

Those who are following this series will recall that last week we switched Darrien (Susan's new horse) back to the snaffle bit instead of his usual double bridle. We also removed Susan's spurs so we could go back to the basics of contact and connection. Susan is riding him on a longer rein and asking him to step up into the contact from her seat and legs Our goal is to have Darrien stay relaxed in his movements and gaits. His tendency has been to get a little frantic at times and to jam his neck into his shoulders. In this session you will see that he is moving much more freely than last week. Darrien still has some issues with the contact, you will see that he still "hops" at times and gets a little frantic. However, the changes in this past week have been impressive and we will continue with what we are doing in the next few weeks. Stay tuned to watch the changes!

Can you see the difference in how Darrien is responding and moving from last week? Are you ready to take your horse back to the basics of contact and connection now?