Thursday, July 17, 2014

Going back to the basics of contact. Dealing with the issues. Part 4 of ...

"Contact. Does your horse seem confused about staying connected from your leg to the reins?"

This is the last session of this series. (part 4 of 4) We are bringing Darrien (Susan's new horse) back to the basics. Darrien, like many horses, has a few issues about staying connected.  He is not sure about contact.  Now you can watch this series to see what we are doing to help him to understand it better. Our goal seems so simple.  All we want is for Darrien to stay relaxed as Susan takes up an even, following feeling  on both reins.  We do not care where his head is.  As he releases the tensions and issues he has about contact his neck will get longer and he will start stretching into the rein instead of resisting it or going into what we call “robot mode. Susan is using her seat and legs to ask him to step up into that contact. This is part 4 of 4 and you can see that Darrien is now responding differently. He is more relaxed and is starting to connect to Susan more.  Stay tuned as we will continue with the process of Susan and Darrien in the next series. 

How does your horse respond when you take up the reins?   What have you learned about contact from watching this series?