Friday, July 18, 2014

Going back to the basics of Contact. Week 2. Walk, walk pirouettes, eng...

"Going back to the basics of contact and connection with Darrien. Week 2. Check out the changes that have happened!"

Last week we took Darrien back to the basics of contact and connection so we could work on some of his issues about it.his series is from week 2 where we continue with this process. This is part 1 where we are working at the walk. As you might recall, the first week Darrien was very resistant. His neck was braced (as well as his back) and his nose was up in the air. It was not pretty to see, but is what happens with so many horses who are not sure what contact or being connected really is. As you will see, Darrien has made a lot of changes this past week and is now much more relaxed. His neck is longer and he is nodding it from the base of his neck instead of bracing it up. Darrien is also more responsive to Susan asking him to step up into that contact from her seat and legs. This shows in how he is using his back. His body is much looser and you can see he swinging more from his hips and shoulders as he walks. He still has issues with the contact and connection but as you can see, he has come a long way in only a week. We will continue this series with the trot and canters. Stay tuned!

Can you see the differences in Darrien from this week to what happened last week? Have you tried this on your horse or students yet?