Saturday, July 5, 2014

Canter. Going back to the basics. Keeping a light rein connection (cont...

"What could finally feel your hands following the movement of a horse while you are cantering?  Have you noticed that keeping that even contact is not as easy as you sound?  You are not alone"

In this session Trudy focused on following Ani's mouth at the canter and what ever happens in between keeping a canter. Sometimes Ani will fall behind Trudy's leg and seat aids, other times she will flip her nose up. This is normal for where they are in their training process. Our goal is simple. Can Trudy keep an even feel on both sides of the reins at the canter?

Did you know? Following the rein connection at the canter is similar to the walk. The horses heads will seem to nod a little, in fact, we should be able to see that nod all the way down their neck when a horse is relaxed and in balance.