Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Going back to the basics. Keeping a light rein connection (contact) at the walk.

"Have you heard people talking about a light rein connection or contact with a horse?  What does that mean?  How can you check to see if you are doing this?"

In this session Trudy focuses on keeping a light connection with the reins on Ani at the walk.  We begin in a standing position so Trudy can feel what she has a tendency to do.  Like most riders, she has a little more pressure on one rein.  Next, we go into the walk and Trudy focuses on her elbows staying soft so that she can follow the movement of Ani's head.  Once Trudy has a steady feel at the walk she becomes aware of when Ani gets a little heavier on the reins.  That is when we add Trudy's seat and leg aids to get Ani to step up into the following contact.

What did you see happening in this video?  Are you ready to try it on your horse?