Monday, July 14, 2014

Going back to the basics to release the tensions. Trot.

"I debated several days about sharing this series. We are taking Darrien back to the basics and in that process, all of his issues are coming out.  This is what we wanted so that we could work through them to bring him back at a new level. "

In this session we introduced Darrien (Susan's new horse) to the Diamond pattern. We have put him back into a snaffle (instead of a double bridle) and Susan has also taken off her spurs. Our goal is simple. We want Darrien to relax and listen to Susan's seat and legs instead of tensing up when she picks up the reins. All Susan is doing with the reins is keeping a consistent soft contact wherever his head is. When Darrien tenses up to the rein contact, Susan is using her seat and legs to ask him to step up into a lighter contact. Those who have been following Darriens progress will remember that he used to root (pull Susan out of the saddle) rear and run when ever he felt challenged or in any lateral movements to the left. Little by little we have been removing the "cobwebs" in his brain. It will take us a few weeks before he starts softening to the contact and releasing his anxiety and tensions from the past.

Are you surprised to see Darrien like this? It will take a few more weeks before he starts to soften to the rein contact instead of bracing his neck and back when he feels it. I debated sharing this series but feel it is important for you to see what we are doing. We continue into the canter and transitions in the following 3 videos that are a part of this session. Do you want to see them? Let me know in the comments below.