Saturday, May 9, 2015

Trots. Contact/on the aids/on the bit. Training level. S4 Dressage trai...

"Training level.Contact What does it mean? How can you do it with a horse that is not sure what it means? Watch what happens as we ask Ani to stay connected for the 6th time at the trot"

This was an exciting day for Ani. Trudy brought her to another farm to ride so she could start preparing her for going to a dressage show. You will hear Ani is crying for her herd mates at time. The good news is that Trudy was able to keep her more connected than ever, even with all the distractions. Little by little Ani is excepting being "on the aids" and is stepping up into the contact from Trudy's legs. She is starting to look like a dressage horse! (or any horse ridden in balance) Now you can see the process we are using to take Ani to the next level.
Can you see how important suppling a horse is? It is how we can keep them paying attention and with a little practice, is how they are able to understand how to come from the riders leg aids into the rein contact. Try this on your horse and tell us how it works for you.