Sunday, May 31, 2015

Canter. Warm up. Training level. Half halts and staying connected S4 Ho...

"Ride, ride and ride"  That is what Trudy said after she finished this canter at the warm session with Ani.  It is the 8th time we have asked Ani to stay connected in the canter and now you can see that connecting and balancing a horse can be a little work.  Good thing we love what we do!"

In this session Trudy is working hard.  She is trying to keep Ani connected in the warm up canter which is not so easy as we have never asked Ani to do that before.  In fact, this is only the 6th ride where we have asked Ani to stay connected in the canter.  In the past, Ani has been warming up like a green horse. Now Trudy is asking her to stay connected between her aids and is using half halts to keep Ani focused.

How is your horse cantering?  Can you see how these Horse and Rider Awareness techniques can make a difference in how you are cantering your horse?