Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Contact/on the aids/on the bit. Steps to connection. Two horses. Trainin...

"Good training basics are what we all work at, all the time, when we are riding a horse in balance.  Did you know you can use the same techniques on horses of all levels?  In this video you will see two horses warming up. One is preparing to compete in Training Level the other in 2nd level dressage. 

We start with making sure that Trudy is keeping Ani (training level) active from behind. To do that, we use the number system so that Trudy becomes aware of when Ani is not in front of her aids. Next, Trudy focuses on the Steps to Connection (soften the jaw, soften the poll, check for the rainbow in the neck and so on) Susan and Beau also enter this class. Beau is competing in 2nd level and we are using the same process to connect him into a higher level of balance.  We start at the walk and finish with canter trot transitions on serpentines. Now you can see how similar the training is for both horses. You can use the same techniques on yours! This is a longer than usual video as I got lost in the process myself.

What did you learn from watching this video. Do you have a better idea of how the Steps to Connection can work for your horse, regardless of it's level?