Saturday, May 30, 2015

Transitions. Are your Half halts working? Walk halts S4 Horse training

"Half halts at the trot. Are yours really working?  How do do you know?  What should you be doing?  Watch what happens as Trudy isolates what she is doing in the warm up trot"

The half halts make many riders wonder what they are doing and how the horse should be responding. Now you can see how I show Trudy how to isolate both the half halt (where Ani lifts her back) and the Steps to Connection that make this all possible in our warm up trot.  As you will see, each step has been broken down so you have the steps to success that will bring you to the next level.

What did you see happening?  Can you see how half halts and the steps to connection can make a difference in what your horse is doing?  We love your feedback so please give us feed back on how these Horse and Rider Awareness techniques work for you.