Thursday, May 7, 2015

Shoulder in/haunches in. Is your horse active behind? 2nd level S4 Dress...

"Shoulder in/haunches in. Tips to improve what you are doing with your horse. Shoulder in and haunches in or out"

Now that Susan and Beau are competing in 2nd level dressage it is time to focus on improving the quality of their lateral work. Last year we started Beau on these movements and he was not always happy with them. He does not like new changes it seems. During that time he would do the basics, but did not want to take up contact and also was not actively stepping up in the rein contact by becoming more active with his hind feet. (Oh, my gosh... this sounds like dressage!) However, this year, he seems much more confident and is letting us ask him for more energy and with more of a rein connection. Have you tried these movements yet?
Can you see how much better Beau is looking as Susan works him through the process? Are you ready to try this on your horse? Let us know how it works for you as we love your feedback.