Monday, May 11, 2015

The beginnings of Shoulder ins/ half pass. Staying on Contact/on the aid...

"So you think you are ready to try the shoulder in or half pass with your horse?  Now you can see what happens when Trudy focuses on these exercises while keeping Melody (yes... I did say Melody can you believe it?) connected"

The shoulder in does not happen by magic. You have probably already discovered this. We have asked Melody to do a form of shoulder in before this session, but she was never really connected.  We were very happy, as anyone would have been, with Melody simply bringing her shoulders over. This is how we start a horse with the shoulder in's.  Now that Trudy has brought Melody to a new level in her training it is time to keep Melody connected in the shoulder in.  This means she will stay on the contact and stepping into that connection from Trudy's leg aids. Well, as much as she can.  We were very excited with this session as it was only the 5th lesson where we have asked Melody to stay on the contact/on the bit/on the aids.  We even added a few steps of half pass!

Have you tried to do a shoulder in yet?  What did you learn from watching Trudy and Melody that you can use on your horse?