Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dressage. Adding engagement and straightness from behind. Warm up walk/h...

"Staying connected in the warm up walk.  Can we do it? In fact, you might be wondering if you can do it at any time. Now you can see what happens as Susan asks Beau to stay in balance and connected in the warm up walk for the first time.  Beau is not thrilled with this idea...."

Beau is like a different horse this year.  Now, Susan can ask him to do harder things and he is much more willing to try them.  In this session Susan went right to work making sure that he was "sitting down" with his weight on his hindquarters and his shoulder higher.  Next she checks to make sure he is against her outside rein and leg to make sure he is straight.  

Can you see how much easier this is getting for Beau?  A few months ago he could not have done this mentally or physically.  We have slowly built him up to where he is now.  He still has issues with what we are doing, but now seems to accept the fact that we are going to keep asking him to communicate at deeper levels.  Good boy Beau!