Sunday, May 10, 2015

Retraining a schoolmaster. Back to the basics at the walk trot.S4. Dress...

"Retraining a horse that thinks it knows what you need to be doing. What can you do...if your horse thinks it knows what it should be doing because of what it learned before?  It's time to go back to  the basics at the walk and trot..  Now you can watch as Susan continues to show Darrien that he can relax and adapt to a new way of being ridden"

In this session we focus on getting Darrien to stretch the base of his neck. Normally he likes to jam his neck down into his shoulders as that is what he thinks he should do. Little by little he is starting to open that part of his neck and as a result is now using his back and hind legs better than ever. It has taken over a year for Susan to get Darrien, an upper level dressage horse, to where he is now. This year, he is working in a snaffle bit and has finally started breathing and relaxing. Darrien is Susan's newer horse. He is 18 years old and has been in rehab this winter after a suspensory injury in his hind foot. We think all that swimming has helped him to use his body in ways he might not have in a long time. 

Retraining a horse can happen with any level of horse.  Sometimes... they simply have gaps in their training.  Have you ever retrained a horse?