Monday, May 25, 2015

Dressage.Trot. Engagement straightness. Outside rein and leg. Warm up S4...

"Are you ready to connect your horse right away in the warm up trot?  This is the first time Susan has asked Beau to stay in balance and connected in the warm up. We start right away with keeping his balance on his hindquarters and having Susan check to see if she can keep Beau straight and on the outside rein and leg"

We were not sure that Beau would allow us to put him on the aids this quickly and he was a little surprised.  Yet, he was willing to try.  He has become a different horse this year and is cooperating so much better with Susan.  He still has his issues but is now handling them much better and trusts Susan and the training process we are using.  

Can you see how connecting a horse this soon at the trot might be  possible? Are you ready to try this on your horse?