Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Canter. Hot nervous horse. Staying on contact/on the bit 4th time. S4 H...

"Do you feel like you will never get a soft relaxed canter with your horse?  You are not alone. It has taken us years to get this horse where she is.  This is the 4th time she has stayed on the contact/on the aids/on the bit at the canter and we were thrilled!"

Good things take time. That is the message I would like you to hear. Trudy loves Melody (and so do I) and it has taken us years to get Melody to this point. Melody had some serious past training issues that made her a little dangerous to ride in the beginning. That and she has a tendency to be a little hot and nervous, especially if she sees a Mockingbird. Last fall Melody finally starting to enjoy the riding process.This spring, she started to relax and stay connected at the canter a little.  This began with a step or two, and now is a few steps more.  It is a huge break through for her. The entire process has been filmed (it is on our Youtube channel) so you can go back in history and see where Melody was and how she got to where she is today.  

What have you learned from watching the progress of Melody?  Has it made a difference in how you are connecting more with your horse at the canter?