Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Get your horse on the aids by warming up with serpentines. Walk/trot/can...

"Are you bored with the riding circles all the time? So is your horse. Are you ready to try a fun ways to connect with your horse in the warm up? How about Serpentines.  Have you tried riding a serpentine as a warm up exercise?  Watch how we use it to get Beau connected for his work out"

I have found that riding patterns makes the training process more interesting and fun for both the horse and the rider.  They are challenging for the rider as they need to think about what they are doing very quickly, which is a great way to keep them from getting lost in the process of training and over thinking everything they do.  Meanwhile, the horses become more responsive as they are not getting bored with the typical "ring around the rosie" (circles around the ring that make them dizzy) routine.  Now you can see how Susan uses the Serpentine pattern to connect Beau in their warm up. 

Are you ready to try the Serpentine pattern in your training?  Let us know how it works for you.