Thursday, May 14, 2015

2nd Level. The start of collected canter. Serpentines S4 Dressage instu...

Collected canter for the first time!  How did we do it? With the Serpentine pattern. Now you can watch and see how he changes"

This was such an exciting session as for the first time Susan and Beau did a collected canter together! As you will see, Beau is staying soft most of the time and is willingly (should I put that in capital letters?) responding to Susan's aids. This is such a big deal as Beau has a history of not wanting to be willing. He was was also not thrilled with this new 2nd level dressage balance at first but now seems to like this level of connection more every day. 

Can you see how Beau's canter is changing? Before he had the tendency to be a little flat and would slip in and out of a lateral gait at the canter. Now you can see his is starting to get a leap in the canter and is staying connected at new levels.