Thursday, May 21, 2015

Canter.Retraining a Schoolmaster. Engagement. Outside rein and leg.


"What if... you need to retrain your horse to canter in a better balance and connection? here could be many reasons why you might need to do this. However, the basics you use can be used on any horse. Now you can watch what happens as we show this older horse another way to canter in balance and connection"

In this session we focus on what is called, engagement. It has other names like on the aid, on the bit, in front of the aids and more. What it means is that the horses shoulders are higher than their croup and the horse is shifting their weight back to their hindquarters. This makes a horse more comfortable to ride and easier to influence. Of course, this is takes some time and effort. In this session we are asking Darrien to stay engage and straight. In the past his tendency has been to shift his hindquarters to the side instead of stepping under his belly. To correct this Susan focuses on keeping him on the outside rein and leg.

Can you see how hard both Susan and Darrien are working to find that right place? Good things take time but you can see that Darrien is now connecting more with Susan and becoming more relaxed in the training process.