Sunday, May 10, 2015

Contact for the 6th time! Trots and Serpentines. On the aids/on the bit..

"So... you want to start riding your horse on contact. What should you expect?  Now you can watch what Trudy is doing with Ani, her training level horse.That was the 6th lesson that we have focused on keeping connected"

This can be a difficult time for both a horse and rider. In this video Ani is still adjusting to having Trudy feeling both sides of her mouth. In the past, as a greenier horse, Ani was going around on a loose rein and choosing her own balance. Now, Trudy is preparing to show in training level dressage and it is time to connect Ani. This is also called getting a horse on the aids, on the bit, or in front of the aids.  In this session we add the Serpentine pattern so that both Trudy and Ani have keep changing what they are doing. As you will see, Ani will not stay consistent on the rein contact yet.  That is what happens when a horse is first learning what it is.

Can you see how Ani begins to change?  Her balance is improving and she is almost staring to like the idea of staying connected. Are you ready to try this on your horse?  Tell us how it works for you!