Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Canter.Two horses Two levels! Getting on the aids/on the bit/contact. S4...

"Contact and connection at the canter. Would you like to watch 2 horses at two different levels practicing the same basics?"

In this session we have a training level and a 2nd level horse. Trudy's horse Ani is going to compete in Training level this year and needs to be on the contact. (Also called on the bit or on the aids) This is only the 4th time we have asked Ani to stay on the bit at the canter. Our other horse is Susan's Beau. He is competing in 2nd level this year. He needs to be able to stay connected at the same time he sits down (engages). This might be the 6th time we have asked him for this level of balance. It is fun to see that both riders are using the same technique to train their horses for the levels that they will be competing at.
What did you learn from watching this video? Do you have a better idea of how you can connect your horse at the canter?